The Warrior Short reed goose call

"The Warrior"

 Black Acrylic Warrior         Black / Ivory Warrior


Hedge Warrior


This call has been called the most realistic, mid pitched call made today. And that was coming from a father of a fairly new very large call manufacturer who shall remain nameless. This is MY go to call. Day in and day out it will perform simply because it sounds like a goose not a goose call.

It features a 3 3/16" long barrel and your choice of acrylic or wood, or a combination of both. Two different types of gut systems and three different reed styles. It can be fitted to you personally just like everyone of my calls. You won't be disappointed in this one that's a promise!  

"The Warrior" is the longest barreled call I offer. 3 3/16" long It has awesome mid pitch sound that is deadly on the Giant Canadas as well as Migrators. It's easy to operate and a great call for the novice caller as well as an experienced player.

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