Hand crafted precision tuned flute goose calls.



These were my go to call for years. The reason why, they work. Besides that each of my flute goose calls feature a unique internal “back bore” that creates back pressure, and gives this call the ability to play several more notes that most any other flute call made today. They are user friendly and do not require tons of air to operate, but still have tremendous volume. The guts are my own design, made from injection molded ABS and feature self locating reeds and wedge block. Thus allowing the end user the ability to take apart, clean and reassemble, and Never have to worry about getting the call retuned afterward. It was one of the first flute call guts design with this feature though it has been copied; none are as good as the original. This call has an over all length of approximately 8 1/2".

With the popularity boom of the short reed goose call since the 1990’s the flute call has taken a back seat. But flute calls have, and will continue to be the demise of many a goose for as long as we can hunt them. You will not be disappointed in this flute call that’s a guarantee!

 Flute goose calls


Banded domestic wood flute $75.00


Wood Type:Hedge

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