Timber Extreme Single Reed

"Timber Extreme"

 Timber Extreme


The "Timber Xtreme" is the newest call from Quacker Attacker. Bringing them for sale to the public in the fall of 2004.

These calls feature a completly different design on the tone board from my standard single reed. The sound this call has, was born in the flooded green timber of Arkansas, from listening to an old mallard hen with a throat full of pin oaks. That was in 1998. It took me 4 years of trial and error to develop this call. It gives a nasally, squeaky bottom end and mids that are unmatched in todays calls, period. They have duck through out the scale and are able to bleed down to a whisper on the bottom end. Less is more with this particular call. We tested the "Timber Xtreme" for 3 years before we brought it to the public. This call is "PURE FEEDIN MALLARD HEN".
The only material I offer this call in is Hedge. Additionally, each piece of stopper wood is hand picked for a certain number of growth rings. It features a laser engraved cypress tree and the name,

"Timber Xtreme"

because.... it's XTREME DUCK.


Single Reed
Double Reed

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Stopper Color:
Dark Smoke

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