Specialty Calls

Specailty Calls

Don't be fooled by the larger call companies, calling there wood and acrylic calls "CUSTOMS" That's the new buzz word for the larger call companies!  Yea we sold 18 "Customs" ( ie. wood or acrylic cnc turned production calls) and 42 poly calls.
Be assured, these calls I build are a TRUE CUSTOM CALL! Hand turned on a wood lathe, one at a time, by me, for you! The choice of what and how I design them, what material I use and how it's laid up, is up to you!

Standard single reed barrel with a poly double stopper.  Barrel is made from acrylic stablized box elder burl. 

Standard Barrel poly stopper box elder


Laminated Russian Birch, laser engraved with "Stone Cold Smoke" Your choice, double or single reed duck or short reed goose both feature a smoke colored stopper.

Stone Cold Smoke

 Multi color acrylic short reed goose call. Ivory, clear, red eyes laminated into black acrylic barrel. Old brass 12 Ga. shotgun shell stopper.

Multi color acrylic short reed goose call. Ivory, clear, red eyes laminated into black acrylic barrel. Old brass 12 Ga. shotgun shell stopper.      Multi Color

Multi Style

Highly figured maple burl with cocabolo tips. Pro staffer Joe Keefers call.

Mable Burl Cocobolo Tips       Joe Keefer's Call

Special made Urn's built one at a time. See photo's below for an example.
These Urn's feature an Acetal interal chamber, and a threaded stopper style plug end, to assure you safe transport of your best friend and hunting companion, trip after trip.
Give that old hunting companion and man's best friend, the resting place they deserve. Hanging from a call lanyard around your neck. They deserve nothing less than the best. That's why you should demand the finest Urn's, built by Quacker Attacker Championship calls.
These calls can be made in the shape of a standard Quacker Attacker Duck call or goose call, flute or short reed model.
Special laser engraving available on request

 Urn 1


Urn 3   Urn 2 

Here is an example below of an unbanded hedge short reed goose call, with a poly stopper, we made for Michigan Duck Hunters Association. Notice we can laser burn their custom logo into the call. We can make them a limtited edition, or not, the choice is yours on how many we manufacture.

Let Quacker Attacker Championship Calls make your next club call! Large discounts for quanities. Call us for a price quote.



Laminated duck call, spalted birdseye maple with cocabolo tips and a cocabolo single reed stopper.





Acrylic stabilized Amonyia burl, with Gaboon ebony end on barrel and stopper With a Silver band. With this type of wood, you get the performance of acrylic and the beauty of wood. The best of both worlds. Expensive but worth the price!  

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