QACC Boot Hangers

All wader hangers are made from 14Ga. CRCQ sheet metal and grey wrinkle powder coated to last for generations. Heavy enough to easly hold 3 pairs of neoprene waders without bending. All hangers are designed with mounting holes on 16" centers for easy mounting.

Take care of your major investment by using a quality boot hanger. By hanging your waders upside down you promote faster drying and better air flow. These hangers are also capable securely holding your leather or knee high rubber boots. They are simply the best boot hangers for the money! They are built to last a life time.

These hangers were designed and built by "Smoke" for one reason. The hangers available on the market were junk. I was not going to hang my >$200.00 pairs of waders from junk wader hangers anymore!

                     Triple Boot Hanger                       

 3 pair

                                               Single Boot Hanger                                                   Single Pair  


Do to the extreme rise in steel costs, the prices of my wader/boot hangers have gone up in price to reflect this. I truly hope this does not discourage you from purchasing one of the best built wader hangers on the market. You still need to hang those $200.00+ waders! 

Currenty out of stock on all wader hangers. Please check back in a few weeks.

Thank you for your interest in the Best priced, best built wader hangers on the market today.


  • Single hanger $25.00
  • Double hanger $35.00
  • Triple hanger $45.00
  • Quad hanger $55.00  


Wader Hangers

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