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Joe KeeferJoe Keefer, lives in South Sioux City, Nebraska, with his wife Tracy and their three children, Erika, who is off to college and two boys, Kody, and Karter at home. He is a lineman for a private utility company that serves the communities in the surrounding tri-state area.

Joe grew up in South Sioux City, Nebraska, which is located in the Northeast corner of Nebraska, which borders Iowa and South Dakota and is separated by the Missouri River. His father introduced Joe to hunting at the age of eight. His father and he would travel the Sand Hills of NE, hunting ducks and geese off of the many small lakes and potholes. In addition to hunting with his father, Joe also hunted with his uncle along the Platte River, near Grand Island.

In 1972, Joe and his father began hunting in the swamps and backwaters of the Missouri and in 1976 on the River itself. Since 1972, hunting on the Missouri River has always included another father and son team, which Joe and his sons' continue to hunt with today. The 'Old Timer' of the bunch is now 73 years old and still enjoys going to the blind and telling (lies) and stories to the young ones. Joe and his boys can be found on the Missouri every weekend in the fall and most weekends in the summer fishing and checking out the hunting spot for fall. In addition to shooting waterfowl, he enjoys shooting sporting clays, turkeys, and deer.

In the fall of 2004, Joe and his son competed in their first calling competition in Mitchell, SD. Joe made the final call back and his son won first place in the twelve and under age group. From October through December, Joe and his boys can be found in their blind with their hunting partners on the Missouri, cooking bacon and eggs, telling stories and killing ducks and geese.
All the things memories are made of.



Curt Meppelink lives in Zeeland Michigan with his wife Christi and there two boys, Ryan and Ross and his Curt British black Lab, Radar

His dad introduced him to hunting when he was 5 and he started hunting waterfowl in 1985 with his brother-in-law. Curt met Todd in 1992 and they have been hunting fast and furious and "callin & killin" ever since. Todd quickly became Curt’s hunting mentor.

Curt also learned about call making from Todd’s business and he now helps Todd in the shop and with his show tours throughout the mid west. He enjoys working with and talking to the customers at the shows and in the field. Curt helps with the development of calls (most notably the stone cold smoke) and the finishing of all wood calls. He also started duck calling competitively in 2004 and plans to continue competiting – including a two-man contest with Todd.

He serves on the board of the Michigan Duck Hunters Association and is a member of Delta Walterfowl & DU as well as the local chapter of MDHA (Macatawa Bay Waterfowl Association). He believes in giving back to waterfowling so that his boys and future generations can enjoy it when they are of hunting age. His biggest dream is for his boys to enjoy waterfowling the same way that he does, and that they can spend time together hunting ducks and geese someday!

“Shooter”(aka Curt) hunts annually in North Dakota, Mississippi, Arkansas and Michigan. Avid is an understatement for how he likes to hunt ducks & geese. When the season is done he's all ready preparing for the next season and soaks up every bit of hunting shows he can catch on TV (and sometimes drives Todd insane with his obsession). His 2nd big dream is to chase the birds from the Canadian Prarie to there Southern wintering grounds, and hunt them the whole way down their migration route.
Shoot ‘em in the lips!  ~ "Shooter"



Rusty Shaw & his son BrentRusty Shaw my friend and “Southern connection” has a son named Brent. Rusty lives in Crowder Mississippi. About 50 miles south of Memphis Tennessee. Rusty along with a partner own a construction company based out of Batesville Mississippi.

Rusty grew up in Clarksdale Mississippi, 15 miles from the Mississippi River. Rusty grew up hunting and fishing at an early age, as most southern boys do with his father Russell. He was introduced to “killin ducks” in 1980 from an old friend. Rusty mainly hunts in the “Delta” the heart of the Mississippi flyway. He hunts in flooded fields, timber, swamps, lakes and backwaters of the Mississippi River where the ducks are plentiful and so are the tall tales!

Rusty believes that anything less than a full bag is a bad day. He hunts everything from Doves to Bullfrogs. Rusty has hunted in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Iowa. He has fished as far North as Michigan where Smoke “chummed” the fish in Lake Michigan all day long!

In addition to hunting and fishing Rusty likes to race his Stock car on Saturday nights “on the dirt” and loves college football.
“Hotty Totty”
Go Rebels!






The latest edition to the Quacker Attacker Pro Staff is Alan "Wings" Moore, from Ashland county Ohio. Nick named "Wings" Alan hasAlan pursued, hunted, trapped, caught and released about everything available in his state. He has spent his life in the outdoors.  

His occupation is a PM Tech for a family owned trucking company.

He and his wife Kristy has two daughters, Monica and Megan.

Alan is a member of DU, NRA, NWTF and he is the executive advisor and banquet chairman for the Ashland County Beards & Spurs Chapter of NWTF.

Alan is also the owner of "Wings Custom Turkey Calls", based at Marshy Hollow Haven 2145 Twp. Rd. 905 Perrysville Ohio 44864.

Let me tell you a few things about Alans calls. Simply the finest box calls made. If you like box calls you will fall in love with "Wings" calls. Attention to detail, suberb craftsmanship and looks. But more importantly they sound awesome! Try one for yourself, you will not be disappointed, thats a promise!

"I met Smoke at the waterfowl festival in Crane Creek Ohio in 2001. Looking to increase my calling ability, I stopped by his booth. Todd demonstrated several calls for me and what I heard sold me immediately! I've used his duck and goose calls exclusively ever since.

I do some puddle jumping but primarily blind hunt on a 1,320 acre lake with my 7 year old yellow lab "Moores Offshore Gunner".

Thanks to Smoke, his family and crew for having me aboard, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to use his calls. "Wings"  


Name:  Ed "Lawdog" Zink

Home town: Billings Mt.


My name’s Ed, but my friends call me Lawdog.  I’ve been hunting big game and fishing my whole life, but it wasn’t until about 2000 that I tried duck hunting.  I have my dad and Ruger to thank for that.  Along with my Faith in Christ and my family, duck hunting has been my passion ever since.  I spend about 35 days in the blind every year and many more scouting.  I work hard in a serious business and I play hard to refresh the soul.  My gear absolutely has to work and I won’t use it again if it doesn’t.  Ruger is like a brother to me and a close friend.  So, I trust his word and his judgment in people.  In 2008, when Ruger said I needed to make Smoke’s acquaintance, I listened.  A good man, he said.  He is right.  Todd and I met over the phone.  I said I’m on one of the top 100 DU committees in the nation and even though I’m a ways away out in Montana, would he consider a donation?  He didn’t hesitate and gave generously, with some special matching calls, made just for us.  His calls literally raised thousands of dollars for the ducks.  The experience told me a great deal about the kind of person he is and the kind of outfit he runs.  I grabbed a Timber Xtreme and it quickly became my go to call.  I’ve got a lot of choices on my lanyard, but his calls are going to take it over.  Great craftsmanship, beautiful to hold and they simply sound great.  Montana mallards have responded like you have a rope around their neck as they turn hard and bomb into the spread!  Bottom line, Todd makes great calls and is the kind of person I want to associate with.  I am honored to represent him out here in Big Sky Country



My name is Matt Bechler aka. "Chicken hawk" I am married to Ashley and together we have two sons Jon (4) Wyatt (6months).. Waterfowl hunting has become a family affair, my wife and I spend our free time hunting and scouting together for geese and ducks. When the weather suits him, I take Jon along which he helps me set decoys and make retrieves.

I am a member of the Saginaw Bay Delta waterfowl chapter, and DU in Lapeer County. I set up and maintain 25 wood duck boxes in neighboring creeks and swamps along with 10 hand made Hen houses. I am a firm believer in the voluntary restraint program please give the hens a chance for the future generations like my sons that will enjoy this great pass time when were gone

As a boy my dad took me deer hunting, although it was fun I didn't have the patience to sit still or be quiet. One day a man stopped by and wanted to hunt geese on our farm. Reluctantly my dad agreed but asked if I could tag along. No birds were put in the bag that day but I knew this sport was for me. From there on, every Christmas and birthday list consisted of decoys, camo, calls and other accessories to make a hunt successful. Using cheap store bought flute calls I managed to kill some geese every year. About 4 years ago, I was at a hunting expo near my house, when I entered the booth of Quacker Attacker Championship calls. Todd and shooter talked with me and guided me on the purchase of my first short reed goose call, a cocobolo Warrior, after long hours of practice and many times getting yelled at by Ashley for calling in the house I figured it out. My lanyard now sports three short reeds, Warrior, acrylic Viper and the new Natural Born Killer. My most recent addition was a hedge Timber Extreme. I am completely satisfied with the craftsmanship and customer loyalty of this company. I will never settle for any thing else.

Thanks, Todd for this opportunity I am proud to wear your calls and call you my friend.
                                                                 Matt Bechler



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