Custom Turkey Calls By Wings

Wings Custom Turkey calls was established in 1990 by Alan “Wings” Moore.


Alan "Wings" Moore

"Wings" with his hands full of quailty, custom, hand built turkey calls.

Boat Paddle and pot and peg



            I build by hand 3 different styles of turkey calls. The boat paddle, the traditional 6-piece box and the “Pot and Peg”.

            I believe in this; “what the customer wants, the customer gets”. A good looking, user friendly, great sounding call. The calls I primarily sell are not for setting on the mantle, they’re designed and built, to use in the field. Nothing fancy, no surprises, just more harvested turkeys will be the result.


Some serious field grade material right here!


            My most popular selling call is a slate over glass, black walnut pot call. No mass- produced, or other custom pot call, has the ring and sustain my pot call offers. My own mix of adhesive and the way I recess the glass gives this pot and peg call pure tonality only a real turkey could duplicate! “Nothing sings like a call from Wings”




            The peg dowels offered are Hickory, acrylic, ash, walnut, poplar and purple heart. The peg tops offered in the same wood as mentioned as well as a new laminated ply, or diamond wood.


Striker styles


             I am a member of these fine companies and orginazations.


Quacker Attacker Championship Calls Pro Staff
Ducks Unlimited
PCBA Physically Challenged Bow hunters of America
10 year member of the Ashland county Beards and Spurs, Banquet Co Chair and Chapter advisor.
5 Year relay for life volunteer
Ashland County Cloud Chasers R/C Club


My hobbies include gardening, and radio control aircraft.


I put my emphasis of importance in this order; Faith, family, friends, call making, hunting and fishing.


My job that pays the bills; Preventative maintenance diesel technician for Cowen Truck Lines inc.


             Laser engraving offered at an additional cost per call. Names, dates, places and artwork are available.



I am blessed to have a very talented lady known nationally as the “Country Artist”. Her name is Linda McFarlin, and she has given some of her wildlife artwork to be laser engraved onto my calls. Check her art work out at 



Laser Engraving art work avalable for an additional charge.
Baot paddles
Some serious field grade calls right here!
"We call they fall"
"Nothing sings like a call from Wings"
And a motto used by both companies.
"If it flies, it dies"
Wings personal "go to calls"
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