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The Ultimate in Waterfowl Calls Since 1985.

Todd Alofs is a Custom Call maker from Hamilton Michigan. Todd built his first duck call in 1985. He built his first goose call in 1989. LogoTodd has been a Tool & Die maker since 1981. This explains the rigid quality control that all his calls face before they are allowed to become heirlooms to pass down in the family for years to come. Born and raised in West Michigan he has been hunting waterfowl for 37 years and “passionately pursuing” waterfowl and the art of calling since 1980.

Todd has won several championships with his calls including the Michigan State Goose Calling Championship and the 2 man Michigan State Team Duck calling title in 2003 and repeating in 2006 and 2007 and 2010 with his hunting partner and the head of the Quacker Attacker Pro and Field staff Curt "Shooter" Meppelink.

He is not a side line waterfowl hunter. Todd believes in getting new and youth hunters involved whenever and whereve he can. He supports Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, Michigan Duck Hunters Asso., Phesants Forever and Waterfowl USA.  He is personally on the Pro Staff for Drake Waterfowl, Final Approach and Generation Waterfowl. He also served on the Citizens Waterfowl Advisory Committe/CWAC for 8 years, 3 of those as Chairman.

He has been on several other Pro staffs over the years, but didn't feel that they were out to better the sport, but to milk it. He had none of it.

So whether you want to call judges or fill your bag limit, Todd has plenty of calls that you can choose from.  Or he can hand turn and tune a call that fits you and your style.

He hunts from North Dakota to Mississippi and all parts in between, harvesting ducks and geese. Todd doesn’t just make calls - he also uses them and is forever and always looking to improve his calls for you the customer.

With today’s call market completely flooded with spin off's ie:(CMM digitized tone board copies) of other maker’s calls, with a different shape, mass produced CNC turned and injection molded calls. It’s refreshing to see that someone still cares enough to build them by hand, from start to finish. What this means to you the customer is, that YOU can pick the material YOU want it built from. It’s not 10 different combinations of five acrylic colors swapping barrels and stoppers.

The choice is YOUR'S to make: domestic hardwood, exotic hardwood, acrylic or any material that can be turned on a lathe. It also means personal attention to the call and you the customer. Todd loves to talk shop with his customers and he believes that no customer is more important than you. Your satisfaction is #1 to him. If you are fortunate enough to live within driving distance of Todd’s shop, you can hand pick your piece of wood. He has even been known to turn a customer’s call while they wait, though he tries not to make this a habit.

All Todd’s calls are guaranteed for life from manufacturing defects. Todd will determine this when he receives the returned call and replace your call if it has problems, due to defects in manufacturing. All Todd’s calls are built to sound REAL. After all, this is what Quacker Attacker Championship Custom Calls strives to achieve!

He has a full line of calls and accessories for your pursuit of waterfowl, including wader hangers and hole punchers for silhouette decoys all made by him to insure the highest quality obtainable. So whether you are a consumer or a retail business. Todd wants to be your one stop waterfowl shop that supplies all your waterfowl hunting needs.

Each one of his wooden calls are guaranteed for one year against cracking. His acrylics are guaranteed for the life of the call barring any misuse. This is to be determined by Todd when he receives the returned call.

Todd also offer's free tuning for the life of the call. You can send the call with $5.00 for shiping and insurance and recieve the call tuned and ready to go with no charge for material or labor!

A saftey tip from Team Quacker Attacker. Always wear a PFD while boating to and from your hunting spot. If you are hunting from a boat blind or layout boat you should wear it while hunting. The life you save may be your OWN!!


"Work-em in, make a good clean kill and apologize to no one"



Nature is the best teacher of all. Learn to read and mimic the birds!





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